An end-time western as a desk spectacle.

HIGH NOON (Collective’s Cut) is an end-time Western between global entanglements and regional idiosyncrasy, between microplastics and fair trade. In the desk spectacle version of her 2019 play, Pandora Pop ventures into an indeterminate future and tells the story of a small town somewhere in Lower Bavaria. An unknown virus has broken out there, causing the people to tremble. Desperation and the longing for normality drive them into the arms of quacks and populists. They are sealing themselves off. A wall must be built!
While a group of radio reporters sets out to find the cause of the chaos, they are led right into their own fears, which have slowly crept into them. Can the world still be saved? Do we even want it?

With ‘High Noon’, Pandora Pop invented a surprisingly topical piece on climate change and globalisation in 2019 from today’s perspective.
In 2022, in the Collective’s Cut Edition, they rework their original play as a desk spectacle and show once again that reality has caught up with the imagination of the theatre-makers.

High Noon (Collective’s Cut)’ will celebrate its premiere at the Kulturforum Fürth on 21 October 2022.

The premiere of the world premiere took place on 21.09.2019 at the Theater an der Rott in Eggenfelden.

ATTENTION: We would like to point out that the fictional plot of the play has parallels to the Covid 19 pandemic and the associated political-social and private consequences. These could be a trigger for people who have had traumatic experiences in this context.

Concept, text, direction: Pandora Pop
Performing: Norman Grotegut, Henriette Heine, Elisabeth Nelhiebel, Gunnar Seidel.
(2019 also played by Stephanie Darnesa and Vanessa Boritzka, as well as the Generationenclub of Theater an der Rott).

Animation & Video: Norman Grotegut
Stage: Gunnar Seidel
Body direction: Carolin Schmidt
Sound & electronics: Georg Werner
Costumes & make-up: Anna Winde-Hertling

Pandora Pop are: Thorsten Bihegue, Norman Grotegut, Carolin Schmidt, Gunnar Seidel, Georg Werner and Anna Winde-Hertling

HIGH NOON is a cooperation between Pandora Pop,
the Theater an der Rott and the Stadttheater Fürth.

It is supported by:
Fonds Doppelpass of the Federal Cultural Foundation
and the Bavarian Cultural Fund for the Arts.