Georg Werner studied Applied Cultural Studies at Universität Hildesheim
(Diplom), Experimental Media Design at UDK Berlin and Sound Art in a
master class with Ulrich Eller at HBK Braunschweig. He often works in
collaboration with international artists und collectives in the field
between art & technology. He is eager to learn and shares the knowledge
he gathered along the way in workshops, lectures and seminars.
His artistic approach is humble and multi layered – influenced by
objects and situations, that he modifies, to be inviting to exploration
and relation. Meanwhile they may raise the sensitivity of the viewers

2020 Bachelor Professional – Event Technology IHK Berlin
2009 – 2010 Sound Art master class with Prof. Ulrich Eller, University of Art Braunschweig
2007 – 2009 Experimental Media Design, Universität of the Arts Berlin
2001 – 2007 Applied Cultural Studies (major: music, media, theatre – minor : philosophy), University of Hildesheim, Diploma
Exhibitions / Performances (Selection)
06/2023 PIGS“ mit Miriam Tscholl, Theater an der Parkaue Berlin.
04/2023 Außer Balance“ Flutgraben, Berlin.
04/2023 PIGS“ mit Miriam Tscholl, Staatstheater Mannheim / BUGA.
10/2022 The Woid“ with Pandora Pop, Audiowalk, Grünwald.
10/2022 High Noon (Collectives Cut)“ A apocalypse-western-desktop-spectacle with Pandora-Pop
9/2022 Da Wald“ with Pandora Pop, Audiowalk, Hoher Fläming.
09/2022 Instability“ with Simon Berz, Perforance, Apartment Project Berlin.
08/2022 Base Drum Kit“ Errant Sound, Berlin.
07-10/2022 Yapay Us / Ya pay us“ at „Sumpf der Wunder“, Gallery Kunstbrücke am Wildenbruch, Berlin.
07/2022 Fine Tuning“ at „Perform@Pfefferberg“, Meinblau Berlin.
06/2022 PIGS“ with Miriam Tscholl, Staatstheater Stuttgart.
03/2022 PIGS“ with Miriam Tscholl, Kammerspiele München.
11/2021 Algorithmen“ with Turbo Pascal at AI-Festival, Deutschen Hygienemuseum Dresden.
7/2021 The Woid“ with Pandora Pop, Audiowalk, Wessobrunn.
03-06/2021 Yapay us/Ya pay us“ soundreactive sculpture, Dystopia Festival Istanbul
10/2019 Casino Global“ An interactive game setting about world wide megalomania and climate, Staatstheater Karlsruhe
10/2019 E-Sounds of Silence“ E-car concert performance, Wunder der Prärie / Mannheim
09/2019 High Noon“ A apocalypse-western-spectacle with Pandora-Pop
04/2019 Unterscheidet Euch!“ portable LED signs for Turbo Pascal, Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin
11/2018 Mangi Meli Remains“ Video sculptur for an exhibition with Flinnworks, Berlin / Dar Es Salaam / Old Moshi
09/2018 ت“ installation, Dystopie Sound Art Festival Berlin
08/2017 & 06/2018 Hoshen“ sound reactive light installation with Guy Briller, Mishkan Museum of Art Ein Harod, Spektrum Berlin
08/2017 Das Weiße Stottern“ theatre performance with Frl Wunder AG, Theater Discounter, Berlin
08/2017 Hinter Glas“ durational performance with Verena Ries & Quartett Plus 1 string trio, Center for World Music, Hildesheim
06/2017 Kabul Radiophonic“ sound installation with field recording, Errant Sound Berlin
10/2016 & 03/2017 Sky, Snow and Broken Sword“ dance performance Truhlárna Prague, Spektrum Berlin
06/2016 Börsenorchestrion“ multi media installation, sonification of stock exchange data from BREXIT poll/ 48-Stunden Neukölln Berlin
05/2016 Fernhör“ Sound installation at Herrenhäuser Gärten Hannover – Kunstfestspiele 2016
03/2016 OFFENER HIMMEL“ with werkgruppe2, Staatstheater Braunschweig
03/2016 Die Müllermatrix“ with Interrobang, HAU Berlin
12/2015 Kling Lang“ sound installation with a church bell from the middle ages at Michaeliskirche Hildesheim
11/2015 FOREVER YOURS“ with SAVOY, Gessnerallee Zürich
06/2015 To Like Or Not To Like“ with Interrobang, Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig
04/2015 Verzauberung: Beauty Parlour“ with Dominic Huber, Museen Dahlem Berlin
11/2014 DOWNTIME: SLEEP HOTEL“ with Frank Oberhäußer und Amitesh Grover, Heimathafen Neukölln Berlin / Goethe Institute Delhi
10/2014 Algorithmen“ with Turbo Pascal, Sophiensæle Berlin
09/2014 Precog“ App iOS/Android für Minority Report, Schauspiel Dortmund
06/2014 Theatrobot“ NRW-Theatertreffen, Dortmund
05/2014 Wem gehört die Bühne?“ – Eine futuristische Gesprächsrunde mit Turbo Pascal und einem Roboter, 1. Bürgerbühnenfestival Dresden
04/2014 Europhone“ part of Preenacting Europe with Interrobang, Sophiensæle Berlin
11/2013 History Repeating“ group exhibition „UHU“, Kunsthalle Hamburger Platz, Berlin
10/2013 Roboterträume” with Turbo Pascal, Brasov, Rumänien
10/2013 ThAEtrofon“ part of ThAEtermaschine with Interrobang, Sophiensæle Berlin
09/2013 Slow Blues“ group exhibition „Verliebte Künstler“, Kunsthalle Hamburger Platz, Berlin
09/2013 Prisma – a Servicewith M. G. Brinkmann, Phaenomenale, Wolfsburg
05/2013 Callcenter Übermorgen“ with Interrobang, Sophiensæle Berlin
03/2013 Situation Rooms“ with Rimini Protokoll
11/2012 Playing-Hifi” concert with modified HiFi devices with JD Zazie, Berlin
11/2012 Sprachlabor Babylon“ with Interrobang, Sophiensæle Berlin
07/2012 Roboterträume” with Turbo Pascal, Sophiensæle Berlin
05/2012 Tiefpass” Solo exhibition, site specific sound installation, Japangarten Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
12/2011&01/2012 Klanglumineszenz” III, site specific sound installation with Manuel Haible und Heiko Wommelsdorf, pedestrian undercrossing MaximiliansForum München
06&07/2011 singer & songwriter“, group ehibition „Die Konstruiertheit des Dokumentarischen”, Galerie stedefreund Berlin
11/2010 Basistrommel“ installation in public space, actualitas Festival, Braunschweig
10/2010 Fernhör“ & „Basistrommel“ master class exhibition, HBK Braunschweig
09/2010 Sicher ist Sicher“ with Werkgruppe 2, Göttingen
06/2010 Klanglumineszenz“ II, exhibition with Manuel Haible und Heiko Wommelsdorf, singuhr hoergalerie, Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Berlin
04/2010 Klanglumineszenz“ I, Ausstellung mit Manuel Haible und Heiko Wommelsdorf Allgemeiner Konsumverein, Braunschweig
06 – 07/ 2009 Körpern“, 12-Kanal Klanginstallation, Kulturbrauerei Berlin
11/ 2008 news breaks – broken beats“, solo exhibition, interaktive sound installation, Galerie „AundV“ Leipzig
03 – 06/ 2008 Callcutta in a Box“ with Rimini Protokoll / HAU Berlin
11/2007 – 02/2008 Tacheles“ with Werkgruppe 1, junges schauspiel Hannover
09/ 2005 Tanzrhetorik“, dance performance and live electronics, with Ulrike Flämig, Festival Raumsauger, Hildesheim
05/ 2005 Contexter“, interactive media installation, Literaturfestival Prosanova, Hildesheim
2003 – 2005 is to be to be connected?“, performance with germangrenzcampcombo (ggcc)
Seminars at Universities
SS 2021 Digital art in social space“, FH Dortmund
WS 2020/2021 Digital art in social context“, FH Dortmund
WS 2015/2016 Interactive sound generation for installations and performances“, HBK Braunschweig
WS 2015/2016 Ästhetik und Praxis von Audiowalks“, Seminar im Studiengang szenisches Schreiben, UdK Berlin
SS 2013 Sound by Wire 2“, Introduction to electro-acoustics for sound installations in theory and practice, HBK Braunschweig
WS 2012/2013 Sound by Wire“, Introduction to electro-acoustics for sound installations in theory and practice, HBK Braunschwieg
WS 2012/2013 Interfaces“ for computer and music, media theory and introduction to elektronics and programming with Arduino & MIDI, HBK Braunschweig
SS 2012 & WS 2012/13 Klangausbau Domäne“ site specific sound installations, Musik21 Niedersachsen Festival, University Hildesheim
SS 2012 Robots“ from a media theory perspective and introduction to electronics and programming with Arduino, HBK Braunschweig
WS 2011/2012 Upcycling, Tuning & User Innovation – manifested processes of appropriation“ media theorie, University of Art Braunschweig
WS 2010/2011 interdisciplinary DIY-seminar“, E-toys with Arduino, University of Art Braunschweig
SS 2010 Interactive Sound in Music Theatre“, University of Hildesheim
WS 2009/2010 Noise …“, working experimentally with noise, University of Hildesheim
WS 2008/2009 Composing experimentally at the border to visual media“, University of Hildesheim
SS 2008 Introduction to Pure Data“, a graphical programming environment for multimedia applications, University of Hildesheim
10/2021 Your digital strategies!10. Branchentreff der freien darstellenden Künste Berlin
01/2017 Creative Electronics in the Arts300. Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival Stuttgart
05/2016 Algorithms as Actors on Stageperformersion / re:publica Berlin
07/2015 Algorithmic ActorsACTING ALGORITHMS conference at University of Hildesheim
03/2020 Das Publikum als Prozessor“ in Otto, Ulf (Hrsg.), Algorithmen des Theaters. Ein Arbeitsbuch, Alexander Verlag Berlin
07/2023 Solar Sonics“ Sound generators that are powered and modulated by solar energy. For installations, performances, compositions are developed. Workshop at UNI.K – Studio für elektroakustische Komposition, Klangkunst und Klangforschung UdK Berlin
01/23 Interspaces – Questioning interdisciplinary working processes at the interface of technology and arts“ with Markus Schubert, Workshop at 36. Filmwinter Stuttgart
11/22-01/23 Performing with Modular Synths and Circuitry Building“ Introduction to electroacoustics and electronics. Workshop at Berlin School of Sound
11/2022 Theatermaschine – Networks of Interaktive Objects with MQTT “ Workshop with Markus Schubert at BREAKDOWN – (Post)Digitale Communities der Freien Szene
01/2017 Concepts and Design of Interactive Electronics for Art, Media- and Performanceprojects300. Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival Stuttgart
05/2016 Die Theatermaschine 1&2“ two workshops at performersion / re:publica Berlin
07/2015 Die Theatermaschine“ Workshop at symposium ACTING ALGORITHMS University of Hildesheim
07/2014 Sound Art“ Musikland Niedersachsen (and member of jury)
Schuljahr 2012/2013 Schatzkammer Riethpark“ Sound Art and science, project with Kulturagenten, Regelschule Dingelstädt
09/2011 Build your own USB-MIDI-Interface“, Pure Data Convention Weimar
05/2010 hörbar aber nicht sichtbar“ elektromagnetic waves made audible with modified Walkmen, at IGS Franzsches Feld School, Braunschweig
06/2008 Leuchten, Funkeln, Frickeln“ interactive Sound- und Lightobjects for Kids, Werkleitz Society Halle
09/2023 Schwein gehabt?” about PIGS by Sophie Diesselhorst in Bühnentechnische Rundschau 04/23
07-09/2004 Preparation of First National Theatreforum 2004 & Stage Reconstruction at Dramatic Arts Center, Faculty of Fine Arts, Kabul University, Goethe Institute Kabul