LED-Matrix (interactive Text / Image / Video) controlled by a Raspberry Pi statinary and mobile (Li-Ion battery)

256 x 32 cm/LEDs

Sensors / controllers and converters (OSC / DMX / ArtNet) for stage productions

Development of a network-controlled light- und blinder-controller (concept / pcb / software) 2010 early smart home 😉


USB-MIDI-DMX Controller

DMX-ARTNET Converter

Wifi-interactive 24-channel 44.1kHz 16bit Soundplayer

Sensorcontrolled interactive videoplayer / audioplayer

Interactive theater stage set with Raspberry-Pi server and RFID for every participant in the audience

Remote-controlled speaking robots

Workshops about programming / Calliope / Arduino / Teensy / DMX / light- and audiotechnology

Interactive Asterisk-PBX telephone installationen with over 50 participants

Interactive installation light / sound controlled via DMX for an exhibition / concert in a museum


Interactive installations